Our approach to client care:

  • When a client or a prospective client, first meets with us we seek to establish a full understanding of the matter on which we are being consulted and the objectives of the client. We make it clear if we are unable to accept instructions, for instance because it is not in our area of practice or there is a conflict of interest with another matter in which we are already engaged or it is a claim against an existing client.
  • We will issue our Terms of Engagement, which shall include and sets out the basis on which we will work for the client covering such areas as fees, payment, document handling and professional standards.
  • As early as possible we will give the client an indication of the legal issues to be resolved in handling their matter and the scope of our advisory work. We have an elaborate system of bringing up each file every three weeks to enable us keep the client informed of the progress of their matter.

    Charges and Payment

    Fees are based on a number of considerations including time commitment, degree of responsibility and complexity; it may be charged on an hourly or inclusive basis. In some types of work there is a statutory scale of permitted charges. Where no scale fees are to be applied we charge on a time – expended basis at an hourly rate current at the time of billing.

    Why OO&T

    Our strength is predicated on some very specific characteristics of the firm, including:
  • Immediate and ongoing availability of seasoned leadership
  • Key practice areas involved in many crisis situations
  • Understanding disclosure and communications
  • Integrated team approach
  • Resources — and commitment

    Onsando Ogonji &Tiego law firm